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American Girl Gothic

Other Press has published The American Girl, a novel by Finnish author Monika Fagerholm (who writes in Swedish), translated by Katarina Tucker. “Crime mystery and gothic saga, social study and chronicle of the late sixties and early seventies, a portrait of the psyche of young girls on the cusp of sexual awakening, The American Girl is a bewitching glimpse of the human capacity for survival and for self-inflicted wounds.”
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Mollisan Town Quartet, Book Two

Lanceheim, the second installment in the fantasy series by Tim Davys (a pseudonym), is published by HarperCollins. “A fast-paced literary and psychological drama in which the trials and tribulations of a group of stuffed animals illuminate the moral and philosophical dilemmas we all share.”
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2010 PEN Literary Awards

Rika Lesser was a runner-up for the 2010 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation, in recognition of her translation of Mozart’s Third Brain by Göran Sonnevi (Yale University Press). Here’s a complete list of this year’s award winners.
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