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A Heartfelt Tribute

A Silenced Voice: The Life of Journalist Kim Wall, Ingrid and Joachim Wall’s biography of their daughter, published in Sweden last year, has now been translated by STiNA member Kathy Saranpa. The publisher is Amazon Crossing with a release date of July 2020.
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New Swedish Writing Featured

Words Without Borders, the online magazine of international literature, features new writing from Sweden and Finland this month, selected and introduced by guest editor Saskia Vogel. “Dreaming of Us: New Swedish Writing” presents poetry and prose by Johannes Anyuru, Linnea Axelsson, Balsam Karam, Mara Lee, Nick Mick, Adrian Perera, Mathias Rosenlund and Andrej Tichy, translated by Vogel, Alice Olsson, Nichola Smalley, Christian Gullette and Kira Josefsson.
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A Mother Faces Autism

Love Is Not Enough: A Mother’s Memoir of Autism, Madness, and Hope by Jenny Lexhed, translated by Jennifer Hawkins, is a brutally honest look at a parent’s experience of a severely autistic child. Published by Arcade Publishing, this memoir is a “beautiful and searing read.”
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