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Eva Apelqvist is an author and a Swedish to English/English to Swedish translator with twenty years of experience translating a wide variety of material such as picture books and books for older children and young adults, book excerpts for all ages, apps, manuals, museum exhibits, teaching guides and speeches.

She has worked for Swedish book publishers Rabén & Sjögren, Norstedts, Bonnier, Storytel, Langenskiöld and Bokförlaget Opal; American publishers AmazonCrossing, Arthur A. Levine Books (a Scholastic imprint) and Levine Querido; Canadian publishers Groundwood Books and Annick Press, as well as other organizations, including Hedlund Agency, Order of the Teaspoon, Lettrage and the Swedish History Museum.

Her own middle grade mystery, Mörker över skateparken, was the 2022 winner of Spårhunden, for best Swedish mystery for children and young adults.

Melissa Bowers  :  Email
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Elizabeth DeNoma  :  Email  :  Twitter  :  (206) 818-6288

Dr. Elizabeth DeNoma is a literary consultant, developmental editor, and translator from Scandinavian languages. Before opening her own business in 2020, she spent nearly a decade at Amazon, most recently as a Senior Editor at Amazon Crossing. Elizabeth’s academic background includes a PhD in Scandinavian Languages and Literature at the University of Washington. Elizabeth also serves on the board of directors of Richard Hugo House in Seattle and on the advisory board for the Center for Translation Studies at the University of Washington.

Tom Ellett  :  Email  :  Website  :  Twitter  :  (519) 341-4343

Freelance translator of Swedish to English, certified by ATA (US) and ATIO (Canada). Literary interests include short stories and fin de siècle writers, especially Hjalmar Söderberg


Martin Birck’s Youth by Hjalmar Söderberg. Translated by Tom Ellett. Norvik Press, UK (2004)

Marna Feldt  :  Email
Karin Filipsson  :  Email

PhD student and Swedish instructor at University of Washington. Translating Swedish to English and English to Swedish.

Michael Flint  :  Email
Paul Goldsman : Email


My Boys: Summer on a Swedish Island by Gustaf af Geijerstam (Original title: Mina pojkar). Translated by Paul Goldsman. Penfield Press (2015).

“Graybeard the Tomte,” children’s story by Stig Claesson, translation and introduction by Paul Goldsman. Swedish Book Review 2013:2

Favorite Swedish Stories of Hasse Zetterström by Hasse Z. Translated by Paul Goldsman. Penfield Press (2013)

Christian Gullette  :  Email
Robert Greer  :  Email
Anne-Charlotte Harvey  :  Email  :  (619) 461-4926

Translator/dramaturge of plays by Strindberg and Ibsen, also Unga Klara and TITTUT. Specializing in platform translation process for production, from academe to Broadway.


Modern Swedish Design. Three Founding Texts. Includes Beauty in the Home by Ellen Key, translated by Anne-Charlotte Harvey. Museum of Modern Art (2008)

Margareta Horiba  :  Email

Reading and translating works by Hjalmar Bergman. Winner of the American Scandinavian Foundation’s 2005 Leif and Inger Sjöberg Translation Prize.

Kira Josefsson  :  Email : Website

PEN/Heim grant-winning translator, writer, and editor based in NYC. Special interest in contemporary fiction with a queer and/or immigrant perspective; voices not always heard in the mainstream.

Jessica Klassen  :  Email
Alice Klingener


The Nobel Banquet by Gert Klötzke, Niclas Wahlström, Fredrik Eriksson, Karin Bojs, Magnus Skoglöf & Ebba von Sydow. Translated by Alice Klingener. Max Ström (2016)

Kim Kraft  :  Email  :  Website : (360) 536-2361

Literary, technical and specialty Swedish to English translations of all sizes. Guaranteed professional, personalized and accurate work. Reliable communication. I enjoy getting to know clients in order to fully understand their needs.

B.A. Lang  :  Email

Translating both fiction and nonfiction.

Gunnel Larsdotter
Rika Lesser  :  Email  :  Website  :  (718) 852-1163

Active in poetry, fiction, children’s literature with strong interests in music and art. Also a Guild-certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.


Mozart’s Third Brain. Poems by Göran Sonnevi, translated by Rika Lesser. Yale University Press (2010)

New European Poets edited by Kevin Prufer and Wayne Miller. Includes translations by Roger Greenwald and Rika Lesser. Graywolf Press (2008)

A Living Soul by P C Jersild. Translated by Rika Lesser. East Anglia, UK: Norvik Press (2003)

What Became Words by Claes Andersson. Selected, translated and introduced by Rika Lesser. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press (1996)

A Child Is Not a Knife: Selected Poems of Göran Sonnevi. Translated by Rika Lesser. Yale University Press (1993). Awarded the 1992 George Bogin Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America and the 1992 Translation Prize from the American Scandinavian Foundation.

My Sister Lotta and Me. Text by Helena Dahlbäck, illustrations by Charlotte Ramel, in a transformative retelling by Rika Lesser. Henry Holt (1993)

Agnes Cecilia by Maria Gripe. Translated by Rika Lesser. New York: Harper & Row (1990)

Guide to the Underworld by Gunnar Ekelöf. Translated by Rika Lesser. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press (1982). Awarded the Harold Morton Landon Poetry Translation Prize from the Academy of American Poets, 1982.

Ursula Lindqvist  :  Email
John Litell  :  Email

Doctor, native speaker of English and Swedish, raised in Stockholm and now living in Minneapolis. Recipient of the 2020 Peirene Stevns Prize. Interest in literary translation, including screenplays and children’s literature, and biomedical translation. Member of the Board of Trustees of the American Swedish Institute.


Nordic Fauna by Andrea Lundgren, translated by John Litell. Peirene Press (2021).

Michael Meigs  :  Email

Awarded the Translation Prize of the American Scandinavian Foundation in 2011 for Dekanen (The Dean). Sample translations for literary agencies and authors, screenplays for animators, and has also published translations from Spanish and German for Amazon Crossing. A retired diplomat, he is especially interested in working directly with Swedish writers.


The Elixir of Immortality by Gabi Gleichmann. Translated by Michael Meigs, Other Press (2013)

“Contemporary Scandinavian Literature – A Fan’s Notes” in Source (the online quarterly of the literary division of the American Translators Association), Fall 2018

Judith Moffett  :  Email  :  Website

Author of 12 books in 5 genres, including two collections of older Swedish poetry in translation. I live for half the year on my ex-farm in Kentucky, and the other half in Swarthmore PA.


1982: The annual Translation Prize of the Swedish Academy (Svenska Akademins tolkningspris), for Gentleman, Single, Refined and Selected Poems 1937-1959, by Hjalmar Gullberg (Louisiana State University Press and Norstedts, 1979), edited and translated by Judith Moffett.

Kjerstin Moody  :  Email
Paul Norlen  :  Email

Currently President of STiNA


A Darker Sky by Mari Jungstedt & Ruben Eliassen. Amazon Crossing (2016)

Killer Deal by Sofie Sarenbrandt. Stockholm Text (2016)

The Intruder by Håkan Östlundh. Minotaur Books (2015)

The Last Lullaby by Carin Gerhardsen. Penguin Books (2015)

Cinderella Girl by Carin Gerhardsen. Penguin Books (2014)

The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen. Penguin Books (2013)

Open Grave by Kjell Eriksson. Minotaur Books (2015)

Black Lies, Red Blood by Kjell Eriksson. Minotaur Books (2014)

Strange Bird by Anna Jansson. Stockholm Text (2013)

Some Kind of Peace by Camilla Grebe & Åsa Träff. Free Press (2012)

Yok by Tim Davys (Mollisan Town Quarter #4). HarperCollins (2012)

Tourquai by Tim Davys (Mollisan Town Quarter #3). HarperCollins (2011)

Lanceheim by Tim Davys (Mollisan Town Quarter #2). HarperCollins (2010)

Amberville by Tim Davys (Mollisan Town Quarter #1). HarperCollins (2009)

Free Falling, as if in a Dream by Leif GW Persson. Pantheon Books (2014)
Another Time, Another Life by Leif GW Persson. Pantheon Books (2011)

Between Summer’s Promise and Winter’s End by Leif GW Persson. Pantheon Books (2010)

The Saga of Gösta Berling by Selma Lagerlöf. Penguin Classics (2009)

Sensitiva Amorosa by Ola Hansson. Madison: University of Wisconsin Introductions to Scandinavia (WITS) (2002)

Kathy Saranpa  :  Email

I am an American (native speaker of English) living in Finland and teaching translation. I specialize in legal and medical translation, but have also translated fiction and many personal letters and other documents. I’m always willing to explore new projects. Swedish is my B-language (near-native fluency).

Linda Schenck  :  Email  :  Website

I am an American living permanently in Sweden. Have translated novels by Kerstin Ekman, Majgull Axelsson, Annika Thor and others.


The Lily Pond by Annika Thor. Translated by Linda Schenck. Delacorte (2012). Award: Batchelder Honor Award

A Faraway Island by Annika Thor. Translated by Linda Schenck. Delacorte (2010). Award: Batchelder Honor Award

God’s Mercy by Kerstin Ekman. Translated by Linda Schenck. University of Nebraska Press (2009)

Eric Swanson  :
Katarina Tucker  :  Email


The American Girl by Monika Fagerholm. Translated by Katarina Tucker. Other Press (2010)

Saskia Vogel  :  Email
Donald Weaver  :  Email


Black Banners by August Strindberg. Translated by Donald K. Weaver. Peter Lang (2010)

Laura Wideburg  :  Website

Co-founder of STiNA


The Fire Dance by Helene Tursten. Translated by Laura Wideburg. Soho Press (2014)

Night Rounds by Helene Tursten. Translated by Laura Wideburg. Soho Press (2011)

Island of the Naked Women by Inger Frimansson. Translated by Laura Wideburg. Pleasure Boat Studio (2009)

Good Night, My Darling by Inger Frimansson. Translated by Laura Wideburg. Pleasure Boat Studio (2007)

Rachel Willson-Broyles  :  Email  :  Website  :  Twitter

Specializing in contemporary fiction. Other translation interests include drama, popular non-fiction, and children’s/young adult literature.


Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All by Jonas Jonasson. Ecco (2016)

Everything I Don’t Remember by Jonas Hassen Khemiri. Altria (2016)

The Boy in the Shadows by Carl-Johan Vallgren. Translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles. Quercus (2015)

Bad Blood by Arne Dahl. Translated by Rachel-Willson Broyles. Pantheon (2013)

Room no. 10 by Åke Edwardson. Translated by Rachel-Willson Broyles. Simon & Schuster (2013)

Sail of Stone by Åke Edwardson. Translated by Rachel-Willson Broyles. Simon & Schuster (2012)

Strindberg’s Star by Jan Wallentin. Translated by Rachel-Willson Broyles. Viking (2012)

Montecore by Jonas Hassen Khemiri. Translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles. Knopf (2011)